The doe was licking the fawn.
Dream Lake (9,900 ft)
View of one of the lakes from above.

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Elk with radio collar.
A yellow-bellied marmot!  We saw a couple just like these.  I swear.  They are really cute, and they look like groundhogs.  They like to sun on rocks but they don't like to have their picture taken.
This woman put her bulldog on the ledge overlooking a steep drop.  He seemed rightfully apprehensive of the situation.
We drove up Trail Ridge Road (just as they were reopening it after clearing the snow), which crosses the Continental Divide and transects the park.  It's a very high road, 12,183 ft at its highest point, with great mountain views from up there.  My new personal altitude record!  And I didn't even have to climb anything to get there, just sit in the car :).
A blue jay at Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake (10,080 ft)
Bear Lake (9,475 ft)
Sprague Lake
We toured a series of beautiful mountain lakes.
We saw a doe and fawn in Sheep's Meadow at dusk.
One of my favorite spots in the park was Sheep's Meadow, which was a grassy meadow with picturesque creek and mountain views.
Rocky Mountain National Park is full of beautiful views of forests and, of course, the Rocky Mountains.  Though many areas were hot and summery, much of the park was still covered in snow when we visited in early June.  The transitions between these conditions could be very sudden, occurring within just a couple hundred feet of altitude gain.  As a result of the unpredictable situations, a few times we brought snowshoes when we didn't need them, and didn't bring them when we needed them!  We spent most of the time around 9000 ft, observing the snowy peaks from a comfortable distance.
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