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October 20, 2007

Libertyville High School reunion






Sept 29, 2007

Emi and Embler's wedding


Sept 15, 2007

Impromptu party at Dick's house!




Sept 1, 2007


Labor Day in Las Vegas.  The last night we all got together for dinner at Mesa Grill.






August 24, 2007

We got smoky eyes.





Mar 24, 2007

camerata notturna second concert! 


Mar 4, 2007

beth's wedding


Dec 10, 2006



camerata notturna after-party


Me, Colin Jacobsen and Juliette                                                    me and ayree


Mar 11, 2006

Holger’s 30th birthday party upstairs and sundaes + wine + friends yay at Jac’s.


Dec 24, 2005

christmas in atlantic city


Dec 10, 2005

A few shots from francisco’s farewell party and steve and adam’s holiday party.


Oct 15, 2005

click here for mark’s pictures of emily and susan’s band, exit clov!!  @R&R





August 21, 2005

mark’s pictures of my another dinner party J       


August 19, 2005

the woos' dinner party in my dorm room


August 14, 2005

dinner at mark bussey’s fancy townhouse sublet, his last day in ny