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Dec 24-29









Dec 11-29













Oct 24-26


Maui – Haleakala National Park


A lovely Christmas in Maui, pictures from Haleakala National Park, a 10,000 ft. volcano.








A big tour of Shanghai, Great Wall outside Beijing, plus about a week in and around Guilin, where my camera decided to make its new home.  Pictures from Hunter’s XT :). 


Also some photos from my grandpa here.






Acadia National Park


We went camping in Acadia for two nights, and had a few short hikes between intermittent rains.  Too bad I don’t work at the Jackson Lab where I could get many more shots at the park.







Sep 11-18



We stayed with my friends Juan, Ana, and Francisco for a few days in Madrid, then took a day trip to the walled city of Toledo, and spent the weekend in Barcelona.   It was a relaxing trip, and I’d like to go back again some time to see more of the cool architecture.


Jun 13-19

Southwest Desert


Hunter and I traveled around the “four corners” states for a week.  We visited Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Hovenweep, and Mesa Verde NP.  The desert is still awesome.


Jan 12-16



Hunter had a ski-meeting at Big Sky, Montana, and I joined him for a few days of partially subsidized winter fun.  It was a snowy alpine paradise, but I haven’t yet mastered the art of photographing wildlife at dusk on skis.  Or the art of skiing, for that matter.  Still, a good time.  Pictures from Hunter (70-300 IS) and me, from our stay at Mammoth Hot Springs, North Yellowstone.